Nativity at Chatsworth 

What a fantastic time we had today at Chatsworth Farmyard! First we took part in a nativity with a real donkey, goats and sheep. We all had a part to play too. We were angels, shepherds, kings and Mary and Joseph. 

After all the acting, singing, dancing and shaking musical instruments, we were more than ready for our lunch! 

After lunch we had a quick look around the farmyard, before taking part in our Christmas crafts. We all made reindeer headbands and we were lucky enough to take some additional things back to school to have a go at next week! 

Just before it was time to get back on our coach, we had just enough time to see the guinea pigs. They were really cute! 

What a busy day! Thank you Chatsworth! 


Our Nativity Songs!

Please see below the words for our Nativity songs. The children have already been practising these songs in school and are getting really good at singing them. It would be fantastic if you could encourage your child to learn all of them!

Look, Look, Look, There’s an Angel

Look, look, look, there’s an angel!

Look, look, look, there’s an angel!

Look, look, look, there’s an angel!

And he’s got news for you!


Jump, jump, jump, there’s an angel!

Jump, jump, jump, there’s an angel!

Jump, jump, jump, there’s an angel!

And he’s got news for you!


Twist, twist, twist, there’s an angel!

Twist, twist, twist, there’s an angel!

Twist, twist, twist, there’s an angel!

And he’s got news for you!


You Can’t Come In!

Knock, knock, knock! You can’t come in!

Knock, knock, knock! You can’t come in!

Knock, knock, knock! You can’t come in!

There’s no room at the inn!

No, no, no! No, no, no! No, no, no!

We just told you so!

No, no, no! No, no, no! No, no, no!

We just told you so!

Knock, knock, knock! You can’t come in! There’s no room at the inn!

Repeat song


One, Two Three Kings!

One, two, three kings.

One, two, three kings.

Count on your fingers

The one, two, three kings.

One, two, three kings.

One, two, three kings.

Look at the beautiful gifts each one brings.

One, two, three kings.

One, two, three kings.

Count on your fingers

The one, two, three kings.



Tiptoe, Tiptoe Round the Baby

Tiptoe, tiptoe round the baby.

Whisper softly, or else maybe

If you cough or go ‘achoo’

He might wake because of you.

Tiptoe, tiptoe round the baby.

Let Him sleep in peace.

Let Him sleep in peace.

Repeat song



Whoa… Glory to God!

Whoa….glory to God!

Whoa….glory to God!

Whoa….glory to God

Whoa….glory to God!

Glory! Glory!

Whoa….glory to God!

Repeat twice



Reaching for the clouds in Reception!


This week we have discussed our class culture and purpose. We had ideas about what we wanted our classroom to feel like and what we are going to be like as members of the class. The children generated their own ideas and these have created our Class Culture display.

We have been learning new ‘grown- up’ words such as ‘transitions’ (we transition during our maths lessons from the carpet to the tables) ‘criteria’ (when talking about how many criteria patterns have) and ‘microscopic’ (when talking about the germs on our hands and the reason we always wash them before snack and lunch) to name but a few! Ask your child about these words!

Parent helpers: As we are settling into our school routines and our learning; we would like to invite parents into school to be parent helpers. If you can spare 1 hour a week or a full morning/afternoon, everything helps and we can make use of you!

Current ‘parent helper’ roles include:

Listening to children read

Changing books

Helping children read their high frequency words (words in boxes)

Laminating and cutting out resources

If you feel you have an extra talent we could make use of be it musical, baking, foreign languages, or a special interest that fits with a topic, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always looking for ways to involve parents in our learning journey.

Enjoy your weekend!

Let’s get moving

The children in Reception have been really busy again this week. We have all had our Move More bands. These are our little yellow wrists bands. Move More is an initiative to get children to be more active. The idea is that there are boxes around school where the children can ‘tag’ or ‘scan’ their wrist band. This encourages children to move between them to collect more ‘tags’. More information about Move More can be found by clicking on the link below.

On Tuesday, we found some dinosaur eggs in the woods! When we opened them we found little dinosaurs inside. How amazing!

We have enjoyed exploring the dressing up box and play acting on the new outdoor stage. We have had shows about knights and princesses, kings and queens.

We are really pleased to hear how well the children have been engaging with their homework tasks already! Well done to the children that have been reading books at home and have started practising their handwriting too!

The children have done exceptionally well at learning all the routines of a busy school life. The children shocked many teachers when they managed to get themselves into a circle on the carpet in less than five seconds!! Wow!

We have had a few cases of tears in the morning from some children. We would like to reassure you that the children are really fine once you have left them. If you have any concerns, however, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Reception team or email the class teacher

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Our first week in Reception! 

What a busy week Reception have had! This week we have been learning the routines of school including learning all of our class prayers. If you would like to help your child to learn their prayers, I have added them to the bottom of this blog. We were introduced to the Class Dojo as a way to collect our points for all the great things we do in class, things like, good sitting, being a good friend, good teamwork and even good tidying up! We were excited to see that each Class Dojo monster chose each of us! A picture of our very own monster has found its way onto our coat pegs too!
We have been learning some of our Maths Meeting songs. We now know a song about the days of the week, the months of the year, finishing the pattern, and a ‘how many?’ song.


We have also started doing phonics this week, where we are learning different sounds and blending them together to make words. To find out a little more about what phonics is, please follow this link.

It has been really exciting to see what everyone has put inside their ‘All About Me’ paper bags. Once we have seen the contents of someone’s bag, that bag has been sent home. We have almost looked inside everyone’s bags. Just a few more to go!


We have also met our Y6 buddies this week. They have been helping us during our lunch times!    

Looking forward to seeing you all again next week!

Morning Prayer

O God, my loving Father,

I give myself to You today,

Bless my lessons and my play,

Bless all I think, or do, or say.


Before Lunch Prayer
Bless us, O God,
As we sit together,
Bless the food we eat today,
Bless the hands that make the food,
Bless us, O God,

After Lunch Prayer
Thank you God for the food we have eaten,
Thank you God for all of our friends,
Thank you God for everything,
Thank you God,

End of Day Prayer
God our Father, I come to say,
Thank you for Your love today.
Thank you for my family,
And all the friends You give to me.
Guard me in the dark of night,
And in the morning send Your light.

What a busy week! 

This week Early Years have been especially busy and what a superb week they have had! The children immersed themselves into our art week and got busy with African Tie dying,  painting tribal masks, pebble painting and even creating mud monsters in the woods! 

The children thoroughly enjoyed our African workshop and it was lovely to see how creative our little ones are. We had to use special dabbers to add the spots to our tribal masks. We used certain colours to represent different meanings in Africa…

Red for danger, war, anger

Blue for the sky

Green for nature

Gold for wealth and treasure

White for the spirits and new beginnings 

The children thought carefully about their masks and some even made theirs symmetrical and used repeated patterns. Super maths work! 

This week the children also made mud monsters in the woods! The children loved getting mucky in the mud and used lots of natural resources to decorate their mud monsters, “I’ve used the berries for his eyes, he’s got six eyes!”, “my mud monster has got two leaves for wings, he can fly really fast”, “my mud monster will scare the foxes away” and “I think if my mummy saw my mud monster she would run away”. Such brilliant imaginations! 

As well as art week, it was also Nursery’s very first sports day! We were so proud of the children’s efforts and also their brilliant support for one another. Thank you to all parents for coming to watch and also for those that joined in with our parent races! Well done Miss Lancaster for coming first!!! 

Reception also enjoyed some focused sport this week too. The children took part in some great team games with the support and leadership of Qualitas. The children thought carefully about turn taking and working together. Great effort! 

The children also had some amazing input from Mrs Court…CPR training! The children used a dummy to practise giving compressions and mouth to mouth. It really was wonderful to see the children partaking in something so valuable to life skills. 

We look forward to seeing you all next week. Please remember to provide your child with sun cream, hats, and a water bottle as the hot weather continues. As the summer holidays are quickly approaching, we ask for all mixed up uniform to be returned to school. We will make sure that our lost property box is available for you to look through before and after school. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

The Early Years Team x 

Handa’s Surprise! 

This week Early Years have thought carefully about our friend Handa in our topic story. We talked about how Handa was a really good friend to Akeyo, by choosing to take a gift that she really liked. We talked about times when we have been a good friend at school and at home…

“I am a kind friend to my brother because I share my toys with him”

“I am a kind friend in Nursery because I let my friends join in my games”

“I help my friends when they are sad and I take them to my teacher”

The children decided that a good way to say thankyou to our friends is to write a letter. We pretended to be the character Akeyo and wrote a beautiful letter. We used our Fred Fingers to help find the sounds in new words, especially the word tangerines! 

Forest school session- rabbit/fox game

 In Forest club this week, the children have shown great interest in the rabbits that occupy our woods. For the last few weeks, we have searched for signs of rabbits, made rabbit nests and this week we played a rabbit and fox game! The children had to leap into the rabbit holes (the hula hoops) without knocking them over and dodging the fox! We had lots of fun moving differently into the rabbit holes and had to work together as a team and even got to be the fox sneaking up on Miss Hickton!

Next week it will be Nutsery’s sports day on Wednesday afternoon. It starts at 2:30 and will finish at 3:30pm. We look forward to seeing lots of support for our little ones.  Please remember to bring your child in comfortable shoes. 

Happy Sunday evening to you all


Africa! 🌎

What a fantastic week children have had exploring the African themed classroom! The children have collected data, created silhouettes, painted sunsets, re-told and acted out our story Handa’s Surprise! (Ask us all about it as we are Handa experts!) and we have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine outdoors too.

The early years children used masks to re-tell the story of Handa’s Surprise. They worked together as a team and even helped direct the narrative! We had some very cheeky African animals stealing Handa’s fruit from her basket. We thought carefully about how the different animals might move and came up with some great words to describe their choices…



“Trouble maker”

The children also enjoyed our creative area and became African artists by thinking carefully about the different colours we might use to creat a sunset. The children used oranges and reds to create their background and then added stencilled silhouettes of some gorgeous African animals. We discussed the differences in what animals we might see out and about in our country compared to Africa!

 The children have shown real independence with their phonics this week too, reading sentences! We are so proud! The children are using their Fred talk to help their own learning which is just wonderful to see! 

We would just like to add that the early years children have also become much more independent in their snack time. We sit beautifully at our tables and together we decide how many milk cartons we need and how many pieces of fruit. Reception are even taking orders from one another now and writing down children’s choices! The children then use a basket to collect the snack and deliver to their friends. We are so impressed in how well children are working together as a team!

Thankyou to all parents bringing in sun cream especially with the recent hot weather. All bottles can be labelled and saved in school if you prefer but please hand the, in to a member of staff and they will put it safely away in our allocated boxes. 

We hope to see lots of you at the summer Fair on Sunday, it’s going to be a brilliant event with loads to do for the whole family! 

Enjoy your weekends with your loved ones, 

The Early Years Team xx

Welcome to the circus!🎈🍿🦁

Welcome back after the half term. We hope you are wowed as much as the children by our classroom transformation. Big tops, lions, clowns, and acrobats are just some of the things that we will be using throughout our learning this half term. The children have enjoyed counting with popcorn, writing with bright colours on giant pieces of paper, creating acrobats using straws, balancing elephants, and bouncing huge balls in the outdoor area.

The children have also thoroughly enjoyed our new Qualitas session that happens on either a Monday morning or a Friday morning. This is a time for children to take part in a fun, energetic, and physical games session with a member of the Qualitas team. This week we were stealing cheese like little mice and we practised moving around like little animals! 🐰🐭

Next week, we look forward to preparing our woods for a second circus spot…keep an eye out for more transformations…all child inspired!!

Wriggling into our ugly bug ball!





Early years began their week by planting seeds ready for our butterfly garden. They worked as a team to collect water and planting equipment and then we made our way to the gardening spot. The children were really careful with the seeds and made sure they dug a deep hole to keep them safe. We are so excited to watch our flowers grow over the summer. We all now know that flowers need lots of water and sunshine to help them grow so we will be readily prepared with our watering cans! 🌷🌻🌧

Nursery throughly enjoyed their minibeast talk from a fantastic company called ‘Zoolab’. We were extremely lucky to meet a whole range of creatures from millipedes to snakes. The children were incredibly excited and really engaged throughout the whole talk, they even had a touch of some of the creatures…super brave! We are looking forward to the beginning of the week children having their turn on Tuesday!

A big well done to the reception class for their fantastic performance in their school assembly this week. We were so proud of you! Thankyou to the parents for your kind donations for our Good Shepherd fund. We will be holding another bake sale on Monday after school and are still keen for you to offer your great support. Friday was a huge success and a great start to our fundraising in early years!

Friday was also very exciting within the classrooms as early years enjoyed their very own ugly bug ball! We practised our throwing skills by throwing fruit into a giant Hungry Caterpillar’s mouth, took part in a wriggly worm race, ,ade scrumptious and very healthy Caterpillar and butterfly fruit kebabs, and we even wrapped Mrs Moore and Miss Hickton into a cocoon by wrapping them in up in toilet roll! We had a blast!

We are really excited for next week already. Can’t wait to see everyone at our bake sale on Monday. If you have any cake donations then they will be greatly received too ☺